PAC's Mission

  1. To provide a forum for communication among parents, school and community;

  2. To support the school staff in the enhancement of programs that enrich and support learning experiences of students;

  3. To provide service to the school by volunteering to serve the school; and

  4. To promote the education of students consistent with school committee policy, and state and federal regulations.

PAC's Fundraising Mission

Fundraising enables us to support our teachers and students by providing the funds for important items such as:

  • afterschool clubs like model building and role playing

  • 2 tv monitors in the foyer to display daily information to our students & teachers

  • smartboards

  • flexible seating options - bouncy bands, standing desks, padded stadium chairs for hallway reading time

  • speaker events on important topics

Curriculum Nights

Grade 7 - September 21 6-7:30pm

Grade 8 - September 22 6-7:30pm


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