Ways to Keep Informed

For information about QMS current events and day-to-day happenings:

  • QMS Morning Announcements – A “must” to check each day. A copy of the morning announcements to students is posted on the QMS website each day and will be available throughout the week.

  • PAC Email List – PAC “News and Announcements” usually are emailed to parents on the PAC list at the beginning of each week. These messages from PAC are school-related and pertaining to PAC, QMS and the Mansfield Public Schools only. You must sign up with PAC to receive our weekly e-newsletter; we do not have access to school records.

  • QMS News, an e-newsletter, is sent out periodically by the QMS Principal to parents and guardians.

  • Hornets Backpack – Sign up for e-notifications or check the Hornets Backpack link for QMS and the district each week. Most notices and forms from QMS will be posted on line for parents to access instead of being sent home with students.

  • QMS and Mansfield Schools websites – Get into the habit of checking the QMS website and district website for updates.

  • QMS General Information for parents can be found here and QMS FAQ’s can be found here.

  • The QMS Student Handbook contains district and building-specific policies for the middle school, on everything from the student dress code to the honor roll criteria. Read it to understand the expectations for your child and the philosophy of the school and district.

  • Aspen is the district’s student information management system; through the student portal, families can view demographic data, attendance, schedules, assignments and grades for each child in each class in the current school year. Aspen login and password information generally are available from the school in late September or early October.

  • PAC Facebook, Twitter, and Website – The PAC website provides general information about PAC and more detailed information about recent PAC announcements. Facebook and Twitter are used for quick updates during the week on PAC, QMS and Mansfield Public School activities. You can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @qmspac. You also can follow Mansfield Public Schools on Twitter @MansfieldSchool, Superintendent Teresa Murphy @TmmMPS, and Mansfield High School @MHShornets.

Communicating with QMS

Remember that the end goal of your child’s years at QMS is for them to be prepared for high school. As students progress through QMS toward high school, they will be expected to take more responsibility for their educational experience. Part of your job as a parent is to help your child develop an organizational system and study habits to meet these new expectations. Keep an open line of communication with your child and with QMS:

  • Encourage your child to express any concerns or questions directly to his/her teachers. If you have still have questions about your child’s classroom experience, contact the classroom teacher directly.

  • If you need further clarification, you should contact your child’s team liaison (or guidance counselor, if appropriate).

  • If questions still exist, contact the assistant principal for your child’s house.

  • If your concerns still have not been resolved, contact the principal.

For information about and input into larger issues affecting QMS and the school district:

  • As a parent of a QMS student, you are a member of the PAC. PAC meetings are your chance to meet with the QMS principal to discuss new initiatives and developments at QMS, provide feedback, and ask questions. PAC General meetings are held monthly.

  • QMS School Council: The School Council is composed of school administrators, teachers, parent representatives, and members of the community, as required under state education reform laws. The School Council is responsible for, among other things, formulating a school improvement plan each year. The QMS School Council generally meets 4-5 times each year, with meeting times on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. (preceding the PAC meeting).

  • Mansfield School Committee – The School Committee generally meets at least once a month. It establishes the policies by which the schools are run, approves the district’s budget, and hires and evaluates the superintendent. The Mansfield School Committee meeting schedule can be found here.

  • We organize a Q&A with the Superintendent and the “QMS State of the School” Parent Forum each spring, led by the QMS principal and assistant principals.

If you have a question or issue you would like to raise for either a PAC general meeting or for the parent representatives on the QMS School Council, please contact the PAC Board at qms.pac@gmail.com.